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I have a 2001 Grand Marquis with the Handling Package. The car is approaching 38K miles. While it is a strong runner, I am looking for a little more pep. I don't want anything drastic or terribly expensive.

While I like the shifts in normal everyday sedate driving, when I merge into fast moving traffic the transmission often lags and then downshifts harshly. Then its off to the races :)

Secondly, the motor is fine but, if I could add a few more ponies for acceleration at highway speed, 55MPH to 80MPH sustained driving speeds, they would be put to good use.

My car does not have ABS brakes or traction control. Lack of ABS has not proven to be an issue for me and this heavy car. However, when making a 90 degree turn from a complete stop into fast traffic, I often overpower the rear tires, whether on clean pavement or the typical dirt/gravel/sand that coats the roads here. I have also spun tires on wet pavement at speeds around 35MPH with less then harsh acceleration. I have gotten rid of those horrid factory Goodyear LS tires and have some much better tires now, that have not solved all of the problems. I cannot find anyone who will install an Aburn of similar limited slip mechanical axel pack in. 200 miles away, a Kenny Brown shop said they could probably do it for ~$1400. Is a retrofit traction control factory setup even feasible? What should a mechanical axle upgrade cost? Am I better off just selling my current car and getting a new one with factory traction control and ABS? And yes, I did ask the dealer for a Police rear end quote - $3300 plus labor for the mechanical limited slip rear end.

Are there any other relatively easy or cheap performance upgrades to consider? Any other suggestions for the issues noted?

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