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Ive had my 2002 ford f150 for a few months now, bought it off a friend and it was super clean and mechanically sound. Last night i was out on a drive and noticed when i slowed down towards the end that i was revving really high rpms to get up to 30 mph… naturally i thought it got knocked down into 2 (automatic) so i slowed to a stop and tried shifting it back into drive but it was in nuetral now so i put it back into drive and noticed when i tried to hit the gas the truck was BARELY moving forward and started smelling real bad which i assumed was trans fluid and smoke started piling out the back end. I pulled over and stopped because at that point i was barely rolling. I hopped out and sure enough it look like trans oil is pouring out, super smelly and the underside of the truck is all wet. I got it towed to my house and im just planning on selling it cuz im moving out of state soon but if someone could give me a better diagnosis? Or possibly let me know what it looks like from the pictures included? I advertised it as broken trans but if its just a missing plug and needs new fluid/new plug i could list it for more then $3000 because it is such a great truck. Btw its a 2002 Ford F-150 xlt super crew cab triton V8 with the 5.4L View attachment 54077
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Edit: went with pictures into ford dealership and guy said the cap wouldn't stop the leak and its probably coming from somewhere else so I’d have to get underneath it to see
It looks like the dip stick has come loose from it's plug, bolt may have been removed that holds it in place, it looks like it is coming from the top in that area :unsure:
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