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Hi, guys so I have problem with my PATS system. I recently bought a remanufactured ECU for my 2002 Grand Marquis LS, pervious ECU gave me false overheating issue, my cooling system is fine, there is flow, thermostat is working, pump is working not leaking, there is pressure, and sensor works **No Leaks!***. Plus, it was in a close loop with error code P1000 with the overheating issue it couldn't complete the test. Anyways, I installed the new ECU, and tried to start the vehicles, but it would only crank and will not start. I have the original keys of my vehicle, ECU was programmed to my VIN number, but the keys did not work. I researched more, and heard I need a scan tool with parameter reset functionality. So, I am debating to have it towed to the dealership, have them reprogram the new ECU, and program new set of keys total of $285. Should I just go ahead let them do it, or there is something I did not do accurately... essentially I WAS TRYING TO BYPASS the PATS system and it did not work.. :(

Any help or advice will be appreciated..
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