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For the new year and as my first big idea as the NEPO Events
Coordinator, I have been tossing about in my head the idea of a drag racing series throughout the coming year. I'm not sure how it would work quite yet, but it would probably consist of one weekend a month where we went to a track and had a bracket-drag eliminations tournament. Points would be earned at each event, and at the 2002 NEPO Holiday Banquet (work with me here, '02 is gonna be a HUGE year for NEPO) the winner of the overall championship would be crowned. It'd be really like any year-long racing championship type thinger, but it'd be for us.

As far as contacting the tracks, setting up dates, locations, things
like that... Well this is still in the baby stage, but most tracks
have been receptive when we've called them before. For example, E-town has been very good to us as far as giving us our own class at the meet ever year. We should have similar luck at other tracks around the Northeast. I'm going to ask the chapter presidents for help when the race is held in your state, this should only be natural... ;)

If there's interest, I'd also like to set up an Autocrossing
championship that worked similarly. I know a lot of us are into
drag racing and there are facilities to make that sort of event come together more quickly.

I'd love to hear the feedback from the members who would be
interested. Post to the list so we can start getting some NEPO
activity going!

Get ready, NEPO, 2002 is going to be the year we go from the biggest and best Probe Club on the planet to... well... You get the
idea!!! :)

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That's a pretty decent idea Greg. I like it. I always have thought that there are two things we don't do enough of at meets: race and tour. Let's face it, we all have egos, and laying the smack down at the track feels great. And how many of us own GTs? Have we forgotten what that means? "Gran tourismo" -- grand tour. :thup: :thup:

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hell yes!!!!!!!!! , I'm sure maple grove would let us run our own small class .But the problem i see is attendance :( .
HE he 2002 will rock with the new partnership i got going

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Someone convince Mipoc to do ths


Bring one of your events to Sparta

Me wanna Run!
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