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Having recieved a small inheritance with a chronic gambling addiction,I want to buy a car that i can drive to the pub and the rare grocery shop,but which will also be my way of not blowing my dollars
Im in NZ so prices probably not on par,just wanting opinions on the two available here as to hold value if theres any.
2003 ba xr8 boss 260 170000km.herrod 275 kw badge on it (cam,tuning??)5 speed manual full Coby exhaust, extractors.all diff bushes just done and tidy leather interior.Cons are many owners,shit colour and bonnet/bumper replaced from being reversed into on driveway.the paint match is ametuer and paint would be its downfall but cheapest ive seen here by between 5-10 grand asking $16500nzd
2002 au xr8 ute 214000km auto..well presented,nice paint $18995nzd(top dollar)
I want the sedan but couldnt live with it being that colour so id spend big dollars to repaint different,which to most would devalue its originality
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