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2004 Taurus

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I read in my latest Car and Driver that the Taurus will be going to a Sport Wagon set up in 2004, no more sedan!!!!!
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that would be cool throw a yamaha v6 in there and a 5spd..... :)
I saw that article. Ford wants to share a Volvo platform with the Taurus. From other readings though Ford engineers have to find ways to make the Volvo platform cheaper (oh, oh).
As far as the part about the Sport Wagon I'm guessing it's wrong. That may be an option, but with the Taurus sedan being one of the biggest sellers I doubt Ford will dump it.
I read they've given up on the volvo for cost reasons, and are now going to build it off the mazda 626 platform.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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