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Vehicle has approx. 30,500 miles. Filled up with Exxon 87 octane gas in
Jackson, Mississippi on Wednesday morning, and less than 10 miles later
the engine started running very poorly and the "check engine" light
started flashing....then it died on the side of the road. Got it
cranked again and made it to a parking lot where it died again. Called
Ford roadside assistance and had it towed to a local dealership. They
ran the diagnostics tests and said that it had 2 bad fuel injectors
(number 3 & 6 cylinders). They replaced the injectors (which they did
not keep in stock, by the way, so we were stuck there overnight), but
they say that did not rectify the problem. Fuel filter was changed and
gas sampled OK, so they tell me.Now I'm told they are dismantling the
engine to find the root cause of the problem. Anyone have any ideas?
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