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2005 ZX4 PCV hose inner diameter

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Hey guys, in the middle of replacing that inevitably cracked PCV hose on my 05 Focus ZX4 (2.0L Duratec).

I've read enough forum posts and watched enough videos that I felt good about the process, but I do have an issue that I didn't see mentioned anywhere.

The commercially available hoses all seem to be a 9/16 inner diameter, while the one I'm replacing (connects to PCV valve on one end and intake manifold on the other) is 5/8 inner diameter.

Anyone else have this issue and know how to get the correct size?

Thanks in advance!

For reference, old one on bottom, new one (too small) on top.
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Get the correct hose from the Ford parts dept. by supplying the Vin number of your car ?
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