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My wife has an 08 Mariner hybrid and for several months now the engine turning over when the key is turned all the way was hit or miss. At first the problem was very intermittent, happening only once every 10 starts or so. As time went on it became much more frequent, to the point where a few days ago it took 45 minutes of trying to get it to start.

So I ordered and replaced the ignition switch thinking that was the most likely culprit. Still has the same problem. Trying to troubleshoot I decided to leave the switch hanging and try cranking it with a screwdriver, works like a charm, cranks every time (of course the key still has to be in the lock for it to turn over).

So with this info, what would be the likely culprit that I would need to replace? I'm thinking the rod that goes into the ignition switch to turn it maybe (sorry, no clue what it is called... Have never really worked on ignition systems previously)?

Any help is appreciated!
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