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Got this vehicle a couple months ago.
170k miles, but a very clean vehicle.
Seems to shift at very high RPM's.
4000 and up, but not all the time.
Actually seems to shift better with the traction control off.

Anyway, I want to change the fluid and filter.
Can the torque converter be drained?
I have been a car guy for decades, and have wrenched professionally, but that was years ago.
I am retired and wondering if this can be a DIY job, or am I better off having a shop do it?
I hate the thought of anyone working on my vehicles.
Can't even get tires balanced right, or a decent alignment in this town.

Anything I should be aware of before I dig in to this?

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Unless it's been modified., not without pulling the transmission and I'm pretty sure you don't want to pull the transmission.
Check this out:
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