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2009 Ford Escape Badly Rusted RF K-Frame

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My 2009 Ford Escape V6 XLT has 220,000 kms on it here in Ontario, Canada where our roads are heavily salted in the winter. I went into the muffler shop yesterday and the technician did a thorough inspection of the underbody then called me into the shop to look underneath.

he pointed out several seal and oil leaks, hole in the mid muffler- resonator then the right front K-frame shown in the photo. He said that is dangerous and if it fails the wheel could be unsupported and loss of control likely.

They provided an estimate of $1,900 Cdn for repair to frame and another $900 Cdn for replacing centre section of muffler. 13% taxes included.
Asking for other opinions as according to Google and YouTube this is a common problem at this RF location.

I am of the opinion it is time to scrap it and sell it for parts, etc. on an As Is basis. This is our second vehicle that we give to our granddaughter at university and she uses it I frequently.

What are your thoughts on repairing a 13 year old Escape?
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It all depends. If it still runs good and there are no other issues wit the frame, maybe it's worth fixing. As for the muffler, get a Wagner unit for $150 bucks from amazon and put it on yourself.
With the rust , mileage , other defects you list and your grand daughter using the vehicle , I think you would be throwing good money after bad in repairing it .
It's a job, but I just replaced that on my daughters 2010 Escape. I did the work myself along with my dad and saved us about half that cost. We didn't replace the muffler. I used the Ford Workshop Manual I got off ebay and followed the instructions. My daughter told me her vehicle was jumping to the side when she hit a bump. I drove it and after looking underneath I told her she wasn't driving it until it was fixed. I got the Cross Member Assembly (407.00 USD) and an 8 piece Control Arm set (169.00 USD) off Amazon. Not a fun job by any means, especially with the rust. The A/C drips onto this area causing it to rust prematurely.
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