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2010 ford fusion sunroof frame is leaking water

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hello ford community i’ve owned a 2010 ford fusion hybrid since 2017 and have had no problems with it other than the leaking sunroof. at first i thought the sunroof drains were clogged causing it to leak. i really wish it were that simple. i checked all 4 drains and they all drain properly. i noticed the headliner getting wet around the A pillars where the plastic overlaps the cloth headliner. also the headliner was getting wet by the sunglasses holder. my next move was to remove the headliner and inspect the sunroof area while it was raining. with the headliner out i realized the sunroof gutters and drains are working properly. the leak is coming from where the sunroof assembly bolts onto the roof. the mounts where the bolts go are rusting from inside the car to outside on the roof. the mounts and bolts are directly above the sunglasses holder. i can see rust on the roof outside the car in the area where the mounts are underneath inside the car. i believe the metal is rusting inside the car and slowly moving upwards towards the roof outside the car. the rust has gotten to where there is a small hole in the roof outside the car causing water to come in. wondering if anyone else experienced this? also wondering how i should fix this leak?
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^^ this is where the plastic sunroof assembly bolts onto. you can see the rust and the hole where water can leak inside
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^^ rust from inside the car showing on top of the roof outside. there is a hole as well

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