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I have a 2013 Escape with 1.6 Ltr Ecoboost engine. A few months ago I started getting "Hill Start Assist Not Available" message, then "High Temperature" Alert. A warning followed to shut off engine. It goes into "limp" mode. After pulling over and turning off the engine, sometimes it would take a few minutes for it to start again. Sometimes it was instant. Then it is normal for a while, maybe a few miles, maybe a few blocks. And then it starts all over again.

In the beginning, it lasted longer before it would happen (go into this mode). I also noticed that it happened a lot more often when it was idling. But it got worse and worse.
I took it to my brother, Certified mechanic. He read the Engine light error code.

"P1299 Cylinder Head Over-Temperature Protection active" was the code that came back from the ODB reader. However we determined that it was not overheating. This was confirmed later by Ford.

He changed the Cylinder Head Temp Sensor and cleared the Error. The error came back the next day.

I took it to my local Ford Dealership, who has been doing oil-changes, etc for the 3 years I have had the car.

Visit #1 - They said that they would charge me $140 diagnostic fee. No problem. Then they called me to say that they had cleared the code ($625 fee for that) plus put in spark plugs (They were only 2 weeks old) so over $800 canadian and I was supposedly good to go.
The error came back in an hour after getting the car back

Visit #2 - The had the car for 9 days and put over 300 kms on it "testing" it. This is after I told them that the error happens mostly when it idles.
They checked the BCM (body control module)
Scanned HS CAN network and found only HSscan going down (I dont know what this means)
They checked the connectors and said that there was a loose ECM connector. Cleared the code, and said that they could not reproduce it. No charge.
Error message came back 2 hours later.

Visit #3 - I kept bringing it back to the same dealership because I wanted it fixed and it was electronic. I was thinking the dealership would be best to handle this kind of situation.
They found inconsistent resistance in ECT sensor putting engine into overtemperature condition .and bled the cooling system.
They replaced the "Sender assembly" this time. I am assuming this the Coolant Sensor that works in conjunction with the Cylinder Head temp Sensor. No charge.
Errors came back the next day, and they were worse. Car barely driveable, I had to stop multiple times. I had to get it towed to the dealership in fact.

Visit #4 -Dealership had previously said that it might be a faulty computer. I could not/would not pay for a new computer ($950) so I had them put in a used one ($150) and the re-flashed it. This also did not fix the problem.

At this point, I got mad at the Service Manager. He offered to buy back my 2013 escape for $3800. I thought this was below the value of this car (In working order) and if it was running properly it would command $8000 easily if sold privately. I guess they thought that I would take it because I was desperate.

At this point I didnt know what to do. I couldnt drive the car. and it seemed that this Ford Dealership Service dept did not know what the problem was.

I talked to Ford Canada to complain that I had spent $1400 and not gotten my car fixed, They opened a ticket, but quickly sided with the dealership and said there was nothing they could do. They said to take it back there.

So here is where I am at. I had an independant mechanic take a look at it, and connect to ODB reader again. This time when the error message came up all three temp sensors that he had been monitoring, they all went from normal to NA - not available.We shut off the engine waited 10 mins and the errors cleared and the sensors were back online.
Cylinder head overtemp sensor
Coolant Temp Sensor
Coolant Level Sensor

There is a tech service bulletin for the Coolant Level Sensor ($1400 just for the part) but that is 2014 - 2018 not 2013.

Does anyone know what else I can try, except for changing the Coolant Level Sensor? It is a $1400 part and I dont want to do that, if I get the same results. Especially when all three sensors went offline at the same time. I would think that it is not that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

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You're not the first with this problem. I checked stateside, lowest price here is still over $700 USD. What I haven't seen if anyone ever tried to pull it and clean the sensor. It's in a location that, even if you flush the system, not much of the cleaning agent will move through the stand pipe. I work professionally in a different technology, but we use similar sensors for level indication and we have to pull the sensors occasionally to clean them because of false indications. I'd get some coolant flush, some tubing, and a syringe to see of you can manually circulate some fluid through there.

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