Trying to help sell my brother-in-law's car. It's a 2013 Ford Fusion SE Ecoboost. It has a rebuilt motor since it originally blew. The car has around 187,100 miles or so and won't change much as it isn't being used, but it does need to go ASAP. It needs work so price is definitely OBO. Just no lowballing please. I don't know very much about this car as it is not mine but here is what I do know. Feel free to ask more questions.

Interior is in great condition, besides needing a quick vacuum and wipe down. No tears on seats or dash. Radio and climate control work. It has heated seats, backup camera, sunroof, etc.

Exterior is in moderate condition. Could use a paint job in some areas and a little body work due to a shopping cart being pushed into the passenger front fender. Some curb rash on the rims. And unfortunately the sunroof glass is cracked. It still seems to work fine with no leaks but it is cracked.

Motor is rebuilt and has all brand new parts, mounts, belts, etc. according to a family mechanic who worked on the car. Looks and sounds mostly fine, I'll explain. When the car is on and at a stop, the engine seems to either be struggling to stay on or not idling correctly. I don't want to firmly say what's wrong as I'm not completely sure. The rpms jump up and down from let's say 1k-700 or so. When in gear, the car noticeably jolts back and forth a bit, along with the rpms jumping up and down but when in neutral or park the car stops jolting but the rpms continue to vary. A little research says spark plugs, coil packs or a vacuum leak could be the issue. I think the first two can be ruled out since it was just rebuilt but i could be wrong. BUT when moving at any sort of speed, the car acts and drives flawless. I've posted pictures and a few videos. Two videos show the jolting, as well as the differences in and out of gear (the camera shaking is what I feel in the car, I'm not intentionally shaking it). The third video is me driving and showing as much as I can without causing an accident. The last video is self explanatory. Feel free to ask any more questions. Forward this to friends. I'll be posting this up in multiple pages, apps, etc.

Tags are expired i believe and it used to be registered in Arkansas, not sure if that changes the registration process or not. As far as I know, should pass smog but i haven't tried.

4000 obo. Send me your offer and I'll see what I can do as it is NOT my car.