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Hi all,

I had my car serviced a few weeks back and since then it started to jerk when I drive it. I took it back and it didn't happen. They told me to just get a full tank of diesel and see how it goes as it might be the filter.. This didn't make a difference. I took a video of it (keep in mind in the 1 section of the video the car did downgear, it wasn't a issue on the gearbox. You'll see the other sections where it does bounce a bit:

It is a 2013 Ford Kuga 2l TDCI awd. Here's a link to a VIN checker:

I bought the car at 50 000km. It now has 92 000km. My engine service light came on so took it for a service. This only started to happen after the service which was about 2 weeks back. I took it to a My Car to just check out and they said it's the Throttle body that is dirty.. There was an error code about oil deterioration that he cleaned and it does feel better since this but not 100%. I took it in today and the workshop manager phoned me stating it is a gearbox issue and they will not be cleaning the TB. So seems like I need a new gearbox... And this is an est. of around 10k it seems. I know there has been a lot of issues on these gearbox's and was hoping someone can advice me on what to do and if there's a recall on it or something.
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