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I'm trying to diagnose an intermittent grinding that happens with my 14 F-350. Here is a list of symptoms. (The grinding noise I am trying to explain sounds like a heavy gear grinding and I can feel it very intensely in the brakes. It only lasts for a second but is very rough.)

1. First noticed the grind when I would go over large dips at a slow speed or things that would make my front axle flex a decent amount. The grinding sound seemed to be coming from the front right wheel. Hardly ever happened. I kind of thought maybe it was the downpipe hitting the firewall.

2. Noticed that when I am turning hard left at just the right speed (5-10 mph and maybe hit a small dip the grind would happen real quick.

3. I then noticed while going over a large dip at 5 mph that I could feel the grinding very intensely in the brake pedal. It would only grind as the truck flexed hard going over the dip.

4. After just letting it happen for over a year it seems to have gotten slightly worse as it now grinds at random spots going down a dirt road to my farm. It seems the spots that it grinds at are the same every time so they must move the axle or tire just right.

5. Was pulling boat out of a sandy boat ramp, engaged 4x4 (which I have used several times throughout the previous year without issue), started to pull boat out of water with foot slightly on brake as I was not allowing the truck to roll backwards when I started to apply throttle, and at the top of the ramp I noticed the front end had a feeling that the brakes were held down. Checked e brake and everything is normal. I give a little throttle and it moves forward but is bound up. I could feel the front axle flexing with the throttle as it was resisting forward movement. Pushed a little further and no pops or clanks and it started to just go as normal.

- Now when I travel down the dirt road to my farm and the certain spots create the intense grinding from the front right tire (at least it seems to be that tire) it starts to grind and then binds. The grinding and binding feels very strong in the brake pedal in terms of vibration, and will slow the truck quickly and steer it hard to the right. For a short period of time after it happens the steering feels a little weird to me.

- So far I have checked all the brakes and brake systems and they are all well. There doesn't appear to be anything visually wrong around the wheels and hubs. The front driveshaft spins freely while in 2wd and truck is parked. Curious if anyone has any input or might give me a little insight before I start to tear down the front end.

Thank you in advance.

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Get the front end safely elevated and disconnect the drive shaft from the transfer case, see what the front axle feels like. Try doing it with the hubs engaged and free. Also try to verify the transfer case is fully engaging/disengaging.
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