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My new 2017 Ford Edge SE did not come equipped with "Daytime Running Lamps", more commonly known as the DRL option. I have visited two local Ford dealers and have been informed that Ford does not offer a DRL "kit" or the individual parts of a "kit" for installing DLRs on an Edge that did not come equipped with them from the factory. These DRL are not located in the same area as the headlights but rather on the lower sides of the front, just above the bumper.

Does anyone know where I can purchase a third party DRL kit for my Edge? I have seen these aftermarket kits advertised for a "2014-2016" Ford Edge but I cannot get an answer from any of the sellers whether or not a DRL kit marketed for a 2014 through 2016 Edge will fit my 2017 Edge. The 2014-2016 DRL lights look to be similar to the lights on my Edge. I cannot find any DRL kits marketed for a 2017 Edge.

Also, does anyone know if these aftermarket DRL kits, whether "Plug and Play" or spliced, will have an adverse effect on my existing lighting wiring? I don't want to burn up any existing wiring and have a warranty claim denied because I used a third party aftermarket part.

Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance provided.


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Surprised your vehicle doesn't have them .All European Ford Edge vehicles over here have them as standard .It was a legal requirement that all vehicles produced from 2011 had to have them by law .
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