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Hi All I have a Ford galaxy 1.9 tdi 07 plate. I’ve had issues with my climate control I.e intermittent heating/AC work not working and it switches on and off by it self. A family member managed to find the same one, we have also managed to put the code in however it comes with these messages and the radio, music dosen’t work at all and I can’t make any calls also switch on heat manually when I want to it just comes on by it self and then switches off.Ive been told it could be a configuration issue, fan motors or temperature sensors. I have called Ford themselves and just for diagnostics it’s costing £120 sadly I can’t afford that. I’ve not had any heating in car for a year. Please can someone help or advise. I will attach photos thank you or if they know any auto electrician mechanics in the Reading Berks area that charge reasonable I would be ever so grateful. Many Thanks Nad
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