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<span class="quoteStyle">The Canadian Rockies may not be the most obvious pick for a vacation: There are no beaches, no modern architecture or fancy world-class museums and it’s definitely not known for its drug-fuelled full moon parties.

<p class="p1">But once you get a chance to drive through it, the staggering and infinitely Instagrammable beauty of the snow capped mountains, a fresh piney smell that reminds you of Christmas, and the zoo of wild animals like bears, elk, and ram just outside your window make you start wondering why more people don’t come here to get away.

<p class="p1">In the same way, the Ford Escape may not be the most obvious choice for a compact crossover. Like an all-inclusive beach resort, most people will gravitate towards a Honda CR-V or a Toyota RAV4, but once you drive the new 2017 Ford Escape, you come to appreciate that it also has a lot to offer, just like the Canadian Rockies. Especially if you only buy domestic cars, the Ford is leagues ahead of its Chevy competition.

<p class="p1">The Ford Escape has always been a top seller in the compact crossover segment, and it’s the second best-selling Ford model after the F-150. It was starting to feel dated, but the refreshed 2017 Ford Escape finally gets the infusion of technology that will make it more competitive. Technology is the Escape’s defining feature, just like the one defining feature of the Canadian Rockies is the raw, elemental natural beauty.

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