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So someone attempted to open our power liftgate on our 2018 Flex, which caused the LG to screw up again. I went to disconnect the battery for 20+ seconds in the hopes of resetting the LG. It didn't work. I tried multiple times, in a combination of pulling the fuse for the LG. Now the Flex won't even turn over. We had a roadside stop out to see if it was the battery, the guy couldn't see anything wrong with the battery and a jump from his equipment didn't work. The thing is the electronic functions all work. But the car won't start!

When you have the engine hood open, you can audibly hear the click when you press the push start button but nothing happens. I'm worried I fried something but I went through everything correctly with the battery (pulled negative off first, then positive, waited 20+ seconds). The thing is the car started at one point during my time messing around with the battery but eventually the car no longer started.

I was reading about the Ford BMS (battery management system), how it may need a reset. I can't figure out how to do that without special tools. Some Fords have a process of flashing a combination of lights.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Oh yes, and also, why would you need to reset the LG motor whenever someone attempts to open it manually - really? I would have to reset the battery every time someone attempts to manually open the LG?

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