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2019 f150 TBC install.

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Hey all, I want to see if anyone can help before I have to bring this to the dealer. Trying to install a trailer brake controller but getting some issues.

I used an OEM part, then with forscan activated the modules. Double checked the fuses.

The dash says "no trailer detected" but lights work.

I popped in a tester, then turned on the truck. This was here.

Lt = left turn
Rt = right turn.
Tm = Taillights

It stays like this till i hit the truck brakes, then I get trailer connected.

If I leave the brake pressed, it d
Goes to an error:

Then trailer disconnected.

Next I tried plugging in the tester AFTER the truck started. Then followed the sequence: left turn, right turn, vehicle brake, trailer brake controller. The left and right work. But the moment I try the vehicle brake...

Something doesn't seem right with the brake connection maby? I'm lost
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