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2020 F750 Superduty auxiliary switch help.

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I'm trying to wire up some much needed work lights on the outside of an F750 Superduty bucket truck. It has Auxiliary switches 1-4 in the cab, with 1 and 2 being used already for strobes and a PTO. So I've got Auxiliary switches 3 and 4 that are open for use that I'd like to use.

The problem is, I have no idea where the hot wires for aux 3 and 4 are under the hood. I've seen videos of people just pulling these perfectly clean and marked wires out that are ready to go, but thats not the case for me. I kind of have an idea of where they should be, drivers side fuse box coming out of the firewall, but everything is wrapped up in one huge bundle of tape.

Much help would be appreciated in determining where the wires are and EXACTLY what color they are for aux switches 3 and 4. Thank you.

Picture for reference.
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