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If you are really worried about water, you can use an AEM bypass valve, basically it keeps water from being sucked into the engine when the cone is submersed in water.

Yes Cali, we need pics dammit. And Glance, can we get some pics of your intake too? It's been a long while since you posted it on PT.. thanks.....

I want to see how they both route, I am pretty sure they went different ways..

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Add me in...
1990 LX Manual ( Black with blue detailing )
Custum intake
17" Rims from eagle
Short shifter
Black and Blue custum interior
Jenson MP3 head unit
Boston Rally 12"
Elipse components
Power Accustics Hammer series amp

1991 LX Auto ( Silver with Black detailing )
16" 2Gen rims
Custum interior
More to come when done with the black one.

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1991 Ford Probe LX 5-Spd
Titanium ex. Light Crystal Blue int.
wheels AND tires!!!!
it looks stock
sounds pretty loud
if I pull this choke looking thing by my shifter that says "dump" the car gets even louder
has one of those cold air thingys
my engine is blue and black for some reason
instead of a latch I have the pin on things
my ignition says MSD for some reason
turn up the volume to 7 and it starts rumbeling really loud
it's alot lower than most,but the tires are aired up all the way
my gauges are white and go up to 120mph
my shifter is alot shorter and lower,go figure
if I flip a switch all these interior neons go on,another makes my lights strobe and then another makes the underbody light up

Oh I also have this newer 3.0 engine just kinda laying in my garage and I domed it the "crate" project.

is that good enough?


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Glance, that is sweet, what year is the 3.0 engine? What kind of vehicle is it from?

I guess since I never did a mod list and everyone else did here's a brief list for you all...... nothing new for a while now..

Engine Performance:

Pacesetter 2.5" Mandrel Bent Cat-Back/Muffler
Ported and Polished Upper/Lower Intake Manifold
G-10 Phenolic Spacer
Autophysics Cone Filter (9")
Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm Wires (Blue)
CP Automotive Crankcase Breather
Advanced Timing 2 Degrees


H&R Sport Springs (1.3")
KYB GR2 Struts
KYB Strut Mounts/Boots


Completely STOCK (Going sleeper, for now) Exterior
Painted Valve Covers RED
Painted Intake Manifold Ford BLUE
Blue Hose Covers, Blue Plug Wires

Winter Mods:

Battery Blanket
Block Heater
Studded Tires


Grant GT Steering Wheel

Stereo (Removed at the moment):

Stock CD/Tape/Radio
Kenwood Amp
MTX Blue Thunder Subs 2 10's
MTX Mids (2), Tweeters (2)

As you can see, most of my modifications right now are with the suspension and intake.

To be installed soon (Already Purchased):
Zex Nitrous Kit
Zex Bottle Heater
Zex Hyperformance Spark Plugs
Venom Fuel Pump
Autometer Air/Fuel Guage

To be purchased soon:

Autometer Nitrous Pressure Guage
19# 5.0 or 3.0 FFV Injectors
Stage II Clutch

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It's a 97 3.0,I bought it to take to NADC with me as a project engine for school. It has 46k miles on it and I've already begun painting it and working out future plans for it. As of what car it came out of your guess is as good as mine. I got it from an engine shop in Huston Tx.


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92 probe lx
82,900 miles
pretty much stock many mods waiting, just need the time.
16" primax custom rims
1 12" JBL GT 1200 watt DVC subwoofer in a custom box
2 BAZOOKA EL1500 600 watt mono amps
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