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97 F250
5.8L 2WD.
147,000 miles.

Has been non opped for 4 years.
I occasionally start it and maybe take it around the block.

Now I have the following codes:

PO155 (o2 heater)
PO385 pending (crank sensor)
PO171 pending (system lean bank 1)

These cam immediately after just a few minutes of running, and a battery change.
In other words, less than one trip with a clear memory.

Let me add that the pump in the front tank went bad while sitting, so the truck tried to stall a few times while I was switching tanks back and forth to confirm/keep it running.

So my question is: Would that (switching tanks while driving) account for any of these codes?

The truck was dealer maintained until 2009 when I got it.
During the time I have owned it, it always ran perfectly, and I only put 4000 miles on it towing my boat to the lake.
Tune up stuff was done when I got it, so that part is fine.

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I would think it might be possible that the po171 could have been triggered due to lack of fuel when switching over tanks .Could try clearing codes and see if they return .
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