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Why don't they just use the supercharger in the FTE mustangs instead?

PAUL DICKER The West Australian 28-07-2001

THE two-door Falcon 300+, hailed only a few months ago as the hero car Ford so badly needs, might never get off the ground.

Support for the supercar, which broke cover at the Melbourne International Motor Show in March, appears to be waning at Ford headquarters in Melbourne.

The Falcon 300+ prototype was developed by Perth performance company Advanced Engine Components and Venture Australia, which owns automotive design house Millard Design.

Although Ford initially warmly embraced the car, believing it could be a legitimate rival to two-door Holden Monaro due late this year, it made it clear it would not build the coupe.

Backing for the project appears to have cooled as Ford charts a fresh course based around a heavily facelifted Falcon due late next year.

That car will get a range of more efficient engines which is likely to include a new high-performance V8 which could pump out as much as 300kW.

Ford and its performance partner Tickford are desperate to develop a fresh range of performance models to counter the dominance of Holden's performance arm HSV.

Louise Teesdale, Ford's public affairs chief, said the ball was still very much in AEC's and Millard's court.

"It was never our project as such," she said. "It's still up to the other companies to make a call on the car."

However, it is clear the project still hinges on Ford's support. To have any chance of success, the two-door would need to be badged as a Ford and be sold through Ford outlets.

News that the Falcon 300+ might not go ahead will disappoint Ford dealers, who reported wide interest in the car and have taken about 30 orders.

AEC managing director Tony Middleton conceded this week that the project was now in the melting pot.

"We're still keen to do it," he said. "We never expected Ford to build the car but I understand they're still interested."

When the Falcon 300+ was revealed, AEC and Millard indicated that an initial production run of up to 100 cars could start late this year.

Tipped to cost around $100,000, the two-door was to use a Sprintex supercharged version of the 4.6-litre Ford V8 from the Mustang.

In the prototype, the engine put out more than 300kW and 500 Newton metres of torque. AEC estimated a 0-100kmh figure of just 4.8sec.

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Well with the future XR8s and T Series power prospects looking the goods at a fair bit cheaper than the Mustang i think that they will lift the bar enough for the need for the Mustang to go a bit further. The Corvette will be a 140-150k proposition and the HSV Monaro will be 100-110k so theres deffinatlly scope for a Tickford version if they arent behind the 300+. Id say they would already know this and be considering AEC doing the work vs the LE ones that will be released in the US. I remember Flint stating hed be keen to do a Tickford Cobra. Hope so.

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Aussie Falcon said:
Why don't they just use the supercharger in the FTE mustangs instead?
Yeah they could do that but it still wouldn't be as good as a 2 door Falcon.:rolleyes:
Ford seem to have a history of having knockout Show cars only to have them never be put into production.:(
You'd think that it wouldn't be such a gamble.The cars would have a fair demand, as the pre orders of a car that doesn't exist show.
And to think we'd have to put up with Holden having something else we don't.:evil2:

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When I wrote into street machines i asked them the exact same question and this is what the had to say

"It's already an expensive exercise for Ford to convert the Mustang for
Australia. Bolting on a blower and re-engineering the Stang to cope with the
power AND making it reliable enough for warranty AND achieving Aussie
emission standards is a bit 'out there' for such a short run (100-unit)
import. It would be much cheaper just to install the blower yourself and
hope the rest of the Yank eningeering will stand up to the added power and

I knew I didn't delete it from my inbox for a reason

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