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302CV8: Fully Reconditioned, LPG Suitable, 6Cyl motors, Misc Parts - WA

This was a motor I had fully reconditioned for a ZH Fairlane project - I have since sold the car and kept the motor. Fully professionally rebuilt approx three years ago, and never started, just turned 270 degrees every couple of months or so. Specs are:

ZH Fairlane 302
Bored and honed 30 thou, reground crank
New pistons and rings,bearings and seals
Heads rebuilt with hardened inserts for LPG, and all valve lash set with specs available
Mild Cam Dynamics Cam - Hydraulic with specs available, new lifters - all yet to be run in
New oil, water and fuel pumps
Zinc plated bolts used in detailed rebuild - was going for a "factory look" with a bit of flash, hence the zinc plating, blue block, black rocker covers, alloy look inlet manifold.
Currently has a flex plate on it

As I've said above, I've never run it, so it will need the cam and lifters run in on first start up and the usual "new" motor attention for the first 10 000Kms or so. My decision to advertise it is based on the fact that it has sat around for the last three years, without a use, and the fact I have other motors I'd like to "use up" first, so this needs a good home - having said that, if it doesn't sell, I'll happily keep it and use it somewhere?!?! Price is $2300 for the long motor - yes I know it "high", but I've spent more on it than that, and it's worth it to me. I can also supply it as a fully dressed motor with all pulleys, dizzy, carb, ..., for an additional cost - I'm happy to negotiate a figure if it interests you. I can also organise freight to most state capitals fairly cheaply, and am hpppy to help in freight requirements.


250 X Flow motor - complete and running, XF carby motor, can test run, exc cond
250 Pre X Flow motor - complete and running, XB Falcon motor, can test run, exc cond
250 Pre X Flow motor - long motor or semi complete, XA Falcon motor, needs head gasket, but other than that a good runner, no oil smoke: $50
250 Pre X Flow motor - long motor, has done high miles (approx 300 000miles), suit parts or rebuild (condition unknown): free if you remove

BW T5 5 Speed gearbox - with or without 250 bellhousing - exc cond
BW T5 5 Speed gearbox - with ot without 250 bellhousing - some noise, but still runs well (drove this box from Melbourne to Perth, and Perth to Cairns recently)
BW 4 Speed Gearbox - sloppy shifter but otherwise good condition, recently driven from Tamworth to Perth, with no issues

Bellhousing - 250-4sp suit hydraulic clutch, Dizzies (XE elcetronic ignition), Alternators (40-65amp), Starters, Power Steering boxes, new ball joints and polyurethane bushes, XF ute parts (wrecking whole car), XA on mechanical parts, XY Power Steering (Ram style), ..., lots more little bits and pieces too!
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