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302, help me figure this out please

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So I have a 1986 ford Ltd crown victoria that has some stuff done to it, but what’s important is that it has a 5.0 302, and I have converted it to a carbureted setup. I have a speed master single plane intake, a Holley double pumper with a proform 750 main body, I put in a msd pro billet mechanical advance distributor with a msd 6al-2 to run it and a blaster ss coil. The engine is completely stock besides the intake, carb, distributor, and some bbk foxbody headers. The problem I am having is that it is backfiring out the carb quite a bit, and it is struggling to run. I’m pretty sure I dropped in the distributor correctly but I could be wrong. It’ll start only when you pump it a few times and run if you keep pumping the throttle, even then it sounds like it might have a misfire and it still backfires. I think it is either something with the distributor or it’s running lean. Please drop some wisdom on me and help me fix this. Thanks, Henry.
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it does not have obd1 anymore, I completely removed the ecu
750 CFM is overkill for a basic internally stock 5.0/302 also the1986 E6 one year only heads are some of the worst Ford produced. You might try setting the distributor advance at about 12 degrees and see if that improves anything. Also the stock 1986 pistons were a one year only flat tops without any valve reliefs so do not even consider a cam change with those pistons. 600 CFM would be a better choice,watch this video
A vacuum gauge should only set you back about $15 so it is a worthwhile low busk investment.
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