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G'day all!
About a month ago i aquired a 5.0L 92 EB Falcon GLI in almost mint condition for 1000$ :) a steal i thought. the car is stock apart from a gas kit that was not working so i have removed the lot so its back to good old PULP. due to an unfortunate incident (stacked :( ) the motor has come out for the front end to be repaired. I decided to freshen up the motor and replace a leaking RMS while its out and as anyone would say "well while its out might give it a tweak" after sorting through the bs and people trying to tell me what THEY would do ($$$) i've decided to go my own way. the build up is going to consist of 2 stages. So far im in stage 1 which is bottom end.

my first question is:
Does the 302w have forged pistons as stock?
mine has ford forged pistons (trw something part number) i was under the impression they would be cast because its not an xr.
anywhom its a bonus for me :p but id like to know.

My second question is:
how far can the stock ECU go? its got a Mass airflow meter so i assume its limited by its software and not hardware. any suggestions on a replacement or interceptor much apperciated

The plan is!

Balance the whole lot
new rings
new berings
new conrod bolts
regrind conrods
regrind crank
new cam profile on stock cam. (any suggestions welcome!)

after that going to bolt the original heads back on after a clean and maybe a skim. then a bit later on once the bank balance is better looking.

GT40p Heads
manifold to match
intake to match
roller rockers
heads ported and matched to extractors and manifold
bigger injectors
higher pressure fuel regulator
cam and chip package (again, any suggestions welcome!)

Ive got no idea what kind of power this will make so anyone whos done a similar build i would like to know how it went and any problems you came across.

I'm hoping to try get 300fwkw so i can put my custom plates on it.....SSKILA

Any tips advice or other stuff please feel free to help me out. This is my first V8 build i used to be a 4.0l man. so be gentle...
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