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This is an email I received from Steve at TorqueTech regarding some items for sale.

Original message follows.


The Story.

I currently own a '99 XR8 (ex police) white sedan purchased in January 2000 from Pickles motor auctions. The 185kW motor was a good performer however I required more! A great deal of thought went into the best way to increase the performance of the XR8 whilst maintaining all the creature comforts and not blowing heaps of money.

Approx. 1 year ago I fitted the 347 stoker kit to the XR8 with excellent results.

The kit has been removed from the vehicle as I plan to sell the car over the next few months. Let me run through some of the details. Maybe one of the club members may be interested in purchasing the car, the stroker kit, or both.

1. Stroker Kit -

NB: These are all quality components.
SCAT crank (cast). Chev size big end journal.
Eagle H beam rods. Floating pins (chev size) ARP rod bolts (7/16")
Forged JE pistons. ( plus 030")
Child and Alberts rings (Moly)
Bearings 8,000 kms of work. Virtually new. ACL make off the shelf bearings for the rods.
Balanced with AOD flywheel and harmonic balancer (supplied) (suit AU XR 8 fuel injection, sprocket on rear of harmonic balancer, serpentine belt).

When fitted, I used the standard camshaft and unmodified ECU as I wanted an easy car to drive and to save dollars. As the car uses an airflow meter so it is not necessary to re program the ECU. (NB AU's use 24lb injectors). I guess better results could be gained with an after market ECU, larger throttle body, airflow meter, better cam etc etc ($$$$$). The idle is excellent and the performance is amazing. Fuel economy on the open road is the same as the 5.0. Requires premium unleaded (Optimax is great) as the compression ratio is higher.

For example consider the weight of the XR8, LSD and IRS rear end, auto transmission, traction should be very good.

With the stroker fitted any more than half throttle take off's and the tyres start to give. Touch the brake and give it a bit more and your heading up the road sideways with both bags spinning. The HSV boys hate it. The added bonus, it sounds great with the standard exhaust.

Parts only cost $2200. (It cost me heaps more).

Mexican block (standard bore) with caps are available for around $600.

Can supply entire package. Will cover supply of block and stroker kit, machining costs, assembly, painting. Can deliver to certain areas. Call to discuss.

2. AU XR 8. 6/99 Police Pack (option 20). All the normal goodies. Auto, LSD, twin air bags, etc. 59,000km's. No hole in roof or dash. Good clean car. 5 spoke 16 X 7 wheels. Motor now back to standard. Fitted with cast pistons (plus 030) and new rings and bearings. Heads are GT 40P (standard issue) with slightly enlarged exhaust ports and cleaned up intake ports. Intake manifold has been smoothed out the best way you can by hand. Needs new tyres. Hayman Reese towbar. Long rego.

Cost $25,000.

Call to discuss,

TorqueTech Pty Ltd.
0418 279 566.

' There is no replacement for displacement '

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Just out of curiosity, how many HP / KW at the engine/wheels ,TIMES ETC....reply would be appreciated.(WITH STROKER).

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Guys, I've no idea, I was just passing the info along. If you're interested why not give them a call?
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