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Does anyone know of any afftermarket companies that make extractors for 351 windsor to go into EA-EL falcons?

Beffore someone tells me to use the 302 extractors on a 351 I have already though about it and u can't because the 302 & 351 windsors have different deck hights making 351 windsor slightly taller and the collectors might interfere with the body & exhaust wouldn't line up...

My only other alternatives are custom or to modify the 302 extractors which also brings me back to square one because

A. I don't know of anyone that makes extractors for 302's that are tunned length 4 into 1 &
B. No one to my knowledge makes them with primary pipes bigger then 1 3/4. For my application I will need 1 7/8 inch primarie pipes and a 3" collector

Any help would be great.....
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