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EFI(or carb if you really want to) 351w for sale.

The specs;

91' 351w block 0.020" over

Sealed power hyper dished pistons.(gives approx 9.0:1 comp with Edelbrock heads...runs std. unleaded easily)

Crank 10/10

Fully balanced.

ARP main studs/head studs and rod bolts plus stainless 12 point ARP fasteners throughout engine.

High vol pump/ARP moly drive shaft

High Energy pan with windage tray.

New Ford timing cover.

Edelbrock RPM water pump.

Edelbrock 2.02 RPM heads (2025), Stud mount and guide plates, minor port wall straightening/blending otherwise untouched.

Crane Retro-hydraulic roller cam #449621

Crane Retro-roller kit; includes roller lifters,spider,fasteners,dog bones.

Crane 5/16" hardened,moly pushrods to suit.

Crane roller valve springs.

Crane retainers and machined locks.

Ford racing 1.6:1 Roller rockers (same as Crane Gold race but blue in colour)

Rollmaster Premium double roller set.

Ross Balancer

Hard anodised Gilmer drive pulleys

5.0 HO rocker covers.

F series 351 TFI-IV dizzy with steel cam gear.

It is Minus intake, and flexplate. Has one head off for inspection(some idiot thought it was the same physical size as a 302 and did'nt realise until after the head was off). Will completely disassemble for complete inspection if desired.

Engine did 8000 k's before that **** in the dunnydoor hit me. $6500 take it or leave it. Will not split up.
In Perth

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Damn, if that was in NSW id buy it and slot that bastard in a EA or XF :evil: :evil: :evil:

Two SC 61's = trouble
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Sorry to hear of the bad luck Pete.We live too far away.Need lower inlet allso for 5Ltr efi conv.

Not Fast Enough, Dammit!
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I'm not really interested in fitting that in my car, but I just realised that you are the same guy on fastlane. Pitty about getting whacked bu the dunnydore.
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