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351W Rebuild and Horsepower Mods for an 88 P72

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Hey Gang , It's been awhile since my last post here so here's the scoope an my Project car. I recently purchased a spare Engine from a 91 CV P72...I bought the Engine complete minus the 7200VV Carb. The car had just been wrecked beyond economical repair about 2 weeks before I got the Engine...I paid $50 for the Motor plus gave the Guy two overily used 7200VV Carbs,,,They were shot!!!......I have the Engine completely torn down now....I have a Machine Shop / Engine builder that is going to Bore the Block to 357 C.I. The goal is to achieve a 10 to 1 Compression Ratio and hit near 300 HP....As some may know this Motor was rated at 180HP from the Factory...Pretty weak for a Police Car if you ask me. I have a custom ground Cam Being made by Holman and Moody of Charlotte N.C. Some of you may know of them from the Ford GT-40 Racecar and thier numerous years of affiliation with Nascar...I have numerous parts already purchased for the Horsepower Mods....I will keep you posted on my progress.
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