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Putting a 390 in my 65 Galaxie. Had to decide which trans, C-4 or C-6. Had 67 Mustang 390 C-6 when I was a kid. Tore out trans 2X.

So I decided since parts where available go with C-4. Got trans, flex plate, bellhousing all lined up. Torque converter is a problem.
After pulling out pilot bearing from old set-up what was left inside the end of the crankshaft was 1.250 ID. Everywhere I looked (and I looked everywhere) the pilot diameter on the on the torque converter was 1.375. No go.

So I had it chucked torque converter up on a lathe and cut down pilot to 1.250. End of problem.

Any body else ever seen this problem with a 390? C-4s are made to fit because everybody has the parts for a 390 but I always found 1.375 pilot OD.

thanks Mike
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