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4.6l Dohc

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Let's get this one going.
Hey, I was wondering if anyone has hopped
up their MK VIII? I know they're basically the
same as a Cobra but what about the intake
and the exhaust? I don't think they're the
same. Would the Cobra exhaust manifolds
be better than the MK VIII's? Has anyone
seen an intake kit (K&N, etc)?
Thanks, Tim.
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Try Lincoln Motorsports

Lincoln Motorsports offers a wide variety of performance parts for all years of markVIII's.

I've got his LMS performance module {chip}
and his 90mm Mass air meter. They greatly improved the performance of my 95 markVIII from 15.30's stock to
14.67 {before the mass air kit}.

you can find Geno @ LMS at

The Mark VIII that was tested by car and driver went 181 mph.
it was very amazing.

some friends of mine have located that car in a museum in Novi Michigan.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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