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I was recently debating what to do next on my mostly stock 1995 f150 351w 4x4 and I was debating lifting it. But I mostly still use it as a work truck (hauling wood, dirt bikes, towing, etc) so it wouldn't be as practical. Instead I want to give it some attitude and "stance" with 4" wheel spacers from Bora. My question is what's everyone's opinion on running wheel spacers on these old trucks. And also is 4" too much? I'm going for extreme but not sure if it'll look as good as in my head or if it'll just look like 馃挬. So if you have pictures of 3" or 4" spacers I'd love to see them. Thanks!

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We used 1.75 spacers on my son-in-laws F 150 and lost a front wheel bearing about a year (guessing 10,000 miles) later I didn't even know 4" spacers were made, but I would keep a close eye on wheel bearings and steering geometry if you install them. 4" is pretty extreme. Additionally, I would stay far far away from Baja with them.
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