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'40 Ford pick up bolt on?

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Any of you guys from down Fla. way? A couple years ago I saw an ad for a fiberglass '40 ford pick up body and the parts man at the local Ford dealer sent for the catalog. Well he quit the dealer and took the catalog with him and now that I'm ready to do this swap I cant locate this Co. It was located some where in Fla. and the body had the cab mounts so it bolted to a Ranger frame. HELP!!!!
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hmm never heard of that, maybe check street rodder or classic truckin, but to be honest I read those mags allot and hven't heard of it.
CobraSplash this ad was in Custom & Classic Trucks a few years back, But I cant find that issue and am in the process of moving this weekend, so if you have that mag if you could go back 3 years and try to find it for me I would appreciate it. Thanks
I will take a look, I have mag's that old just not sure if I have the right one, have you wrote them a letter?
I believe I saw an ad at that had fiberglass parts for a '40 Ford that fit on a LWB Ranger chassis.
Hotrodford 87 thats the one! Thanks! Now to get the parts ordered and get to work.
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