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I started my newly rebuilt engine this weekend.

When the engine was idling ( still cold) the oil pressure was around 65 psi. on higher rpm the oil pressure was over 70 psi, but after a while when the engine got warm ( and the oil probably got thinner by the heat) the oil pressure on idle only was around 28-35 psi, on higher rpm around 42-57 psi.
( the pressure is recalculated from oil/kg to psi)
I guess this is a quite normal behavior, becouse the oil probably got thinner when it got warm, but is it better for the engine to use another oil that holds the pressure higher? Now I use a mineral 10W30. I´m going to change the oil soon becouse i only use this oil for break in, what kind of oil do you recommend? The oilpump is a completely new stock part.

after turning the engine off and letting it cool down totally, the oil pressure was as high in the beginning again the next time i started it. So it cant be a "mechanical" issue if it now is an issue at all

from what Ive heared I shouldn´t use a fully synthetic oil in these old engines becouse it solves all the old dirt in the engines wich will be pumped around in the oil system, but my engine is totally restored and looks new on the inside so i figure that wouldent be a problem.

the engine is fully original.

so the questions:
is my oil pressure too low?
What oil to you recommend?

Best regards Gustaf

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1) Your oil pressure behavior (cold/hot) is perfectly normal.

2) The oil pressure range is perfectly fine.

3) For the new engine, stay with the petroleum-based motor not switch to a synthetic yet.

4) If you want slightly greater oil pressure across the pressure range, you can switch to a motor oil with higher viscosity, such as a 20w-50.

5) If you want a slightly higher maximum pressure at upper rpms, you can install one of our High Pressure Shim Kits.

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