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My engine is out of a late 91\92 Mustang with a reman PCM and a truck intake. Today, my fuel pump decided not to kick in. The common side of the relay showed 12VDC when energized indicating no ground.The fuel pump goes back to pin 22 on the PCM, stll showing 12VDC on the pin indicating that I've either killed my PCM or lost a ground. The main ground on pin 20 has a good ground, but 40 and 60 show 60 ohms to ground. I'm really hoping that this is actually my problem, but does anybody know where they grounded them in the Mustang? In the engine compartment or inside the body. And does anybody know which pin they use for the signal ground? If it's 20, I got a dead triac. If it's 40 or 60, I got some hunting to do.
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