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I found you guys and you seem to be real good at these 460 builds. I found a brand new 514 scat balanced rotating assembly with probe pistons in a d9 block for $1200 with a bunch of other parts. I want to build it for a 78 f250 4x4 running 35" tires, c6 with 2300 rpm stall converter, weighing 6900# L&L chassis exit headers, performer rpm intake. The pistons are approx 9.5:1 with D3 heads. My D3 heads are ported on the ex. side, 2.19 intakes, milled 0.010, Cut for stud mount roller rockers & Guide plates.

Here is my questions, On the first 460 I built it has all comp stuff in it, 3/8 pushrods, 1.7 ratio roller rockers, I want to go with a different cam, what ever you guys recommend, maybe in the 270-276 duration ball park, 550-600 lift, what ever you guys think will fit well, as well as go to a 1.73 ratio roller rocker. My rockers aren't aluminum, will aluminum be OK?

I found some isky cams that look good, as well as howards and lunati, crane had one that might work well too. What do i need for valve springs and that hardware too?

I want an engine that I can drive on the street well, but have a good grunt to take to the sled pull and maybe the mud run, 450 horse maybe and 525 torque or so. I am at 6000 ft in elevation in western CO if that helps thanks.
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