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52 ford questions

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A cousin of mine has a 52 ford that someone dropped a 302 into, problem is whoever did it butchered the front crossmember. Any ideas on how to correct this problem would be appreciated.

I don't know what the car looks like underneath but am going by what was said to me.

I am in the process of building the motor for the car but want to do the swap right as my cousin intends on driving this thing as summer fun car so i want it reliable.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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As i can see this there is really only 2 good ways to fix a problem like this. if the front cross member is slightly butchered you could try and re- fabricate some pieces and fix the original cross member.

or you could look for another cross member from somewhere else, via new recreations from online somewhere, or find someone who has one for sale. what i would likely do is look at the engine you are building. then look at all the models that particular engine, if you can find the cross member from that car you could weld and put that one in your '52. this means it would less work for custom motor mounts. you could also take the front clip of another car that had the same engine your building, this way you could have proper suspension, and brakes (if your running original brakes on the 52 they would be 4 way drum. if you putting in an engine from the mid to late 60's to 70's the front brakes would be disk.)

these are just some of my thoughts on how i would tackle something like that.:hy:

good luck.

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