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I am in the process of restoring a 57 bird and its totally different from my 63. I've got the hard top but need to find a soft top. If anybody has one they want to sell or knows someone with one that wants to sell it, please let me knoe. I'm also looking to put wire wheels on this car and I really don't want to use the "75" profile tires. Would much rather use "65 or 70" series radials. Rather than using the trial and error method, I was hoping someone might know if these will fit. I'm using tube type wire wheels from Roadster Wheels in Ca. and I'm told these wheels w/ spinner will work even with fender skirts, however, when and if I use wider tires I'm wondering if everything will still fit w/ skirts........rm

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tires and wheels

Rick, I have wires and 205/70/15 ww radials on my 55. They work just fine. The tires are from Dimondback in S. Carolina. Soft tops are out there, But very costly as you may already know. If you have access to an old Early Bird mag. Look in the classifieds. If you don't already belong to CTCI, I would urge you to, it is very helpful when reststoring a tbird. Also come on over to Indy in July for the RACE TO INDY Region 2 Convention. Good Luck, Ron.
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