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60 pin connector?

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Can someone tell me where the EEC-IV computer 60 pin connector is in the engine bay? The connector under the dash is right there, i see that 60 pin, but i understand there is one under the hood. I am trying to do some resistance readings on the EGR system and need to check between the 60 connector and the EGR solenoid plug.
I hope this makes sense!
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I have an 85, does mine have a computer? There is a connector under the dash that is a mystery to me... If there is one, can it be read with a paperclip or something, like the GM type connectors?


Ok that answers that question! I was always told that the truck had NO computer whatsoever, so they couldn't read codes. Then again, those same Ford dealers also said that my Lincoln had a Holley 4bbl, not EFI, which it does have, so they must be geniuses there;)
How do I read the computer, do I buy a code reading tool? What does it show info on? My "EMISSIONS" light has been glowing since 1989! My dad just ignored it, because he was told by a dealer to ignore it, hehe. Does this light mean change the 02 sensor or something?

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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