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63 Futura Need some info please?

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Hey YAll! Just bought my first Falcon, it's a 63 Futura. I want to sell it, it was in with a bunch of other stuff that I wanted. My question is, what are the differences with it being a Futura?
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Some differences are the Futura badges on the rear pillars, different metal side strip, full wheel covers and a padded dash pad. Arm rests and different door trims and upholstery. Possibly a console.
I doubt this list is complete but hope it helps.
Hey Nassi!
Thanks for those tips. I need to know just what to look for of all the parts that I am to pick up as to what is Futura and whats Falcon! Thank You. There is a big group of stainless in a corner, grilles, but I saw no console. It is a 6 cyl. car.
I'm to start picking up parts on Saturday, probably work on the car the first of next week.
Where are you located? If its Perth I may be able to help.
I'm in myrtle Beach, S.C. Where is Perth??????
You had better disregard my ealier post as I was referring to an Australian Futura. I doubt there is much in common with the US model.
Perth is the capital of Western Australia as in, down under.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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