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1964 T-bird for sale. 68000 original miles This is an easy path to a beautful classic convertable.

This car is a must sell. I was restoring it but am now a family man with a new set of priorities. Please due me the favor of making me an offer on this future dream from the past.

I must inform you this car, although complete, has been under restoration and at this moment is non operational. The car was disassembled to receive a thorough paint job. While the car was apart I had all of the chrome re-chromed. I purchased all new rubber kits, trunk kit and carpet kit. At last check all accessories worked. The convertible top mechanism is working but as I was planning to replace the top later in the restoration process, I have not replaced the top at this time.

Reassembly of the convertible would include:

Interior - re-carpet (with already purchased carpet kit), re-assemble chrome onto and around dash, bolt on passenger and rear seats and mount inside & door panels. Vacuum hose replacement is suggested as well as constant voltage regulator for safety.

Exterior - Affix previously purchased rubber kits, assemble door threshold, affix left side (re-chromed) wind wing to door, replace door handles (new handles previously purchased) assemble and lock & key mechanism to door, replace convertible top, affix front grill, re-assemble front left head light molding(by the way, this car has three out of four original Ford factory head lamps), affix windshield wipers, affix previously purchased rubber kit onto fender skirts and pop on hub caps. This car needs new tires.

Trunk - apply previously purchased trunk kit, affix previously purchased trunk rubber kit.

Engine - Re-seal power steering pump, alternator & starter.

This is the list of things that need to be done for the car to be complete. As I sure you can deduct that less is needed for it to be just a "running" car.

By the way I also have pictures that I can email to you. Plus I also have a 1964 T-Bird Hardtop for sale.
1964 T-Bird Convertable for sale.
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