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I'm posting this for a friend, If interested, post here, PM, or e-mail me. OR can get ahold of him by his e-mail. [email protected]

As his e-mail to me says...
"The car is a 1966 Galaxie 500. I am the second owner. It has a built 390, with 428 heads, 428 rods. It has a comp cam, comp springs. Edelbrock intake with a built 750 Holley. It also has a windage tray. The trans is a C-6 with a stall and shift kit. The driveline is new, and the rearend is a 3:50:1 ratio non-posi. I am taking the posi out. It has new interior. The only body damage is the bubbles on the quarter pannel. It has NO bondo. Thats the jist of it, any further detail, I figure any interested people will ask."

As I have been in this car, I can also attest to it's "kickass-ness".
It was put in the wheeldeals here in Spokane for $4500.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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