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Hey Folks, My 88 P72 project is coming together little by little ,bit by bit. Yesterday was a banner day...I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow board member in person...Police Intercepter and I met at Mustangs Unlimited just North of Atlanta Ga., This roadtrip was a chance for me to obtain my long sought after 4BBL Carb and Edlebrock Performer Intake....Lots of good came from this trip....I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most knowledgeable car crazy guys around...The conversation was fast and furious due to other obligations on both sides but it was fun.....I did have a lot of fun blowing the carbon out of my City bound 93 P71 too.....The car loved stretching its legs for a change!!!......Today was a very positive day too...I ordered new valve covers from Ford Motorsport for the 88....The combination of the Motorsport Air Cleaner and the New valve covers is going to look sweet....The Paint shop trip did suffer a minor set back but that's life...This is a project and a hobby so you have to take the good with the bad. Robert if you are out there Buddy.???..Thanks again for everything....mainly your friendship and technical support....Those things can't be bought at any price or from any catalog !!!!!......Allen
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