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I've been driving my Festiva for several months, and just recently experienced something strange...

It seems that when my gas tank is full, the engine is prone to stumble/stall while driving. I am holding the accelerator steady and it behaves as though it's not receiving any gas. In fact, at times (if I hold the clutch in) it will die. I can almost immediately start it up again and continue driving/stumbling.

It seems that it requires a few (~4-5) miles before it starts the stutter.

Additional symptoms that I've noticed are that when warming up in the driveway, when I get inside, I distinctly smell the aroma of gasoline. It is not obvious while driving, and didn't used to be that way. Lastly, I noticed that the initial idle (while the engine is still cold) is much faster than it used to be (though it always has been faster than when the engine is warm).

I'd love to do the work myself (have a garage and a Haynes manual) but I don't want to mis-diagnose before the work begins.

Any thoughts?

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