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I have a 1992 Ford Tempo and it does fine except that the dashboard, when
accelerating lightly at certain speeds, emits a very irritating buzz-like
sound. I know, compared to major engine/transmission troubles it's nothing.
But that noise--ugh that noise! It is majorly irritating.

I often read in past car-test issues that squeeks/rattles are something that
you probably have to live with, that they're notoriously time-consuming and
expensive to trace and fix. Is this true, or is it pretty easy often-times
to trace & fix such annoyances?


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Start pushing on the dash in various places to see if you can alter the
sound. You can crawl under the dash and pound on areas to find a loose
spot. You might need to wedge something like a shim made of plastic,
paper, cardboard, wood, etc. to tighten it up. It's probably just a
plastic heating duct or a wiring harness rubbing something. You have
the time and motivation to find it so it should be easy.
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