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I found that I have play in my wheel hub. Not sure if axle is bad also. (Car has 207K miles)
I painfully try to take the hub out with no luck.
Problem was that the lower ball join would not come off even with the bolt taken out. Any trick to get this guy out of there?
Then even if that come off, I could not push the axle far enough to clear the wheel hub. (need to be taken off too?)

Finally, the whole hub bolts to the strut, would that mean that by taking the bolt hub-to-strut off, the whole thnig would come down?

I was thinking of selling the car forwhile or parts. Paint is no that great (some rust) and the hub is bad. But I would like to fix it because the engine seem top have another 100K in it and the car drives great otherwise.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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