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I'm thinning the herd around here and have decided to sell our 1992 240. It
has 149K miles. I bought it with about 65K miles on it. It has had oil
changes every 3000 miles since then.

Recent (say, the last couple years) maintenance of note:

-engine and tranny mounts;

-A/C converted from freon, works great;

-Air mass sensor a month ago;

-belts, timing belt, and front seals 6 months ago;

(I'm not including all the normal stuff like tranny flushes and oil and
coolent changes, here, of course...)

This vehicle runs great and I wouldn't hesitate to take it on a long trip.
It's been my daily driver and I've done the kind of maintenance you do when
you are planning to have a vehicle forever. This was the car I and my wife
hauled our family around in for years. It's been my commuting vehicle the
last year and almost 20k miles of those were highway miles just in that

It needs a new suspension bushing on the driver's side. That's about a $200
job, I think. OTOH, if you don't mind a little clunk going over speed bumps
you can ignore it like I have for the last couple years <G>!

I'm located near Eugene, Oregon. I'm selling it because I did the math and
it'll be cheaper to commute in my Tundra that I just bought (hey! I need a
truck!) even with the worse gas mileage, rather than insure and maintain
another vehicle.

$4000 or best offer. Thanks!

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